A Note on Security

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The Five Faces Entertain platform is built with security as a priority, and we are happy to talk about it.

Security on Network Communications

All communication between the Entertain device and server is carried out via SSL (TSL 1.2), which provides the industry standard in secure communications.

Security on Players
All media files sent from the server are saved on the device and are hashed and stored for security. A checksum is performed every 2 minutes to ensure the files have not been tampered with. This means a user cannot manually transfer a file via a USB or other means to overwrite the file, as it will be removed and re-downloaded automatically within 2 minutes.

Security on Login
The cloud-platform requires a username and password, is behind TSL 1.2 as well, and requires a password that is mandated to be 6 characters long, include a number, include an upper case letter, and a special character.

Security and SLA

The server is a distributed server sitting on Amazon Web Services locked on the Australia Region. It is a multi-tenanted server separated completely by a 36-character Global User Identification Number mapped to each account. The server uptime warranty is 99.98%, excluding scheduled and emergency outages.
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