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:?: How does 5F Entertain work? :?:

5F Entertain works by making it easy and portable for small independent businesses to play engaging digital content on their screens. Your 5F Entertain Player is a smart device that can be plugged in to your screen. You can then schedule and manage all of your campaigns from a centrally managed system, namely the Five Faces Platform, just by logging in.

Our Template Builder also makes it easy for you to create attractive graphics, so your menus, announcements, and anything else you’d like to publish can be created flexibly and to your liking.

:?: How can I set up 5F Entertain? :?:

The purpose of 5F Entertain is to be extremely easy to set up and use.

When you buy the product, you will receive a product key in the box as well as a URL. Type the URL into your web browser and feed the product key, and the system will prompt you step by step to set up your new device. It is important to ensure that your internet connection is stable when you set up your device or schedule a campaign.

:idea: :idea: Entertain is easiest to set up via an Ethernet cable, following that WiFi, following that a stable mobile hotspot.

:?: What type of network connection do I require? :?:

The Five Faces platform can run on any network connection, and not all systems have to be on the same VPN or network. Although a minimum of ADSL2+ connection with a fixed line will ensure the optimum experience with the least network difficulties, a large volume of systems that are on the Five Faces platform run on 4G/5G networks, and Entertain supports WiFi and can be setup during configuration.

Technical Network Settings:

The Five Faces Platform does not require anything other than browsing access on Port 443 (SSL) and Port 80 (Web). Basically, if the device can browse the internet, the device is compatible with Entertain. There is no need for static IP, port forwarding, or proxy rules beyond this to allow the device to connect.

A Note on Bandwidth:

All files scheduled on the platform will cache on the local devices, which allows all schedules and media to play correctly even if the system is offline (with the exception of websites or online templates). When a system is offline, any new files or schedules will not be synced, but any existing schedules will play as expected until their end date. Intermittent network connections are managed by a listener that attempts to re-download files if they have been corrupted due to low-quality internet and a checksum process ensures media file integrity prior to playback.

Ignoring the media file transfer, the overhead data usage of these devices will be approximately 200 MB per month.

:?: What is a player? :?:

Your 5F Entertain smart device is known as a player—this is the intelligence component that makes all scheduling possible by connecting to a screen. This may also be referred to as a device or a system.

:?: How many types of campaigns are there? :?:

There are two main types of campaigns available with 5F Entertain, a Campaign and a Play Now campaign. A simple campaign is what you will use to schedule content—this can be used to schedule content across multiple screens.

Play Now is less like a campaign and works more like an impromptu announcement when you do not have time to schedule a new campaign. It works only on one screen at a time and overtakes any other campaign that is playing at that moment.

Finally, a ticker is also a type of campaign--for instant announcements on an ongoing basis that don't require much screen space, a ticker is a great solution.

:?: What are some common pitfalls during setup? :?:

Some common reasons you may be having trouble during setup are:

:arrow: The network connection is absent or slow.

:arrow: The HDMI and/or power ports are not adequately connected on both sides.

:arrow: Your Wi-Fi password may be incorrect. This is more common when using a remote--check that all characters are accurately typed. Hit "Show Password" to view what you have typed. Confusing upper case I (i) with lower case L (l) is common, as is confusing O (letter) and 0 (number).

:arrow: You are unable to exit the keypad after typing the Wi-Fi. Use the Back button on the remote till you get to the Entertain screen.

If none of the above measures resolve your issue, write to us in the Ask a Question topic for professional assistance (registered users only).

:?: My files aren't playing on time even though everything appears to be correct. :?:

The reason for this may be that your time zone is incorrect. You can check or fix this by referring to the steps in the Setup Guide. Go to the the Start page here: https://entertain.fivefaces.com.au/start and download the Setup Guide to see how to do this.
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