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Player Management allows you to add or delete players, change details, and see the status of each Entertain player. You can have up to 10 players associated with each Entertain Platform.

Under Management > Players, you will see all the players on your network.

EN management players.PNG
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Use this section to view details such as Player ID, version, and when the player was last online (under Last Contacted)—if everything on your network is online and working, this should show a very recent (within a minute) time, as the player status is sent on a per-minute basis.

The last field, Health, may be red or green. A green tick means your player is online and working; red means it there is an issue with the player or network.

:!: Add a New Player

If you have plugged in a new Entertain player and wish to add it to your network, you can do so directly following the prompts on your screen. Alternatively, the Management section on your Platform will allow you to do the same.

Under Actions, select New.

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You will be prompted to fill in the Player PIN—type in the PIN displayed on your screen where the Entertain device is plugged in. In the Name field, give your player a relevant name, such as “Front of store” and hit Add.

EN Player PIN.PNG (22.24 KiB) Viewed 1777 times

Your new player will start to display on your list of players.

:!: Delete/Edit a Player

Select your Player from the Player list and hit Actions.

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To delete, select Delete from the drop-down menu and OK to the prompt that appears.

To edit the name of your player, pick Edit Name. Type in the new name and click Save.

:!: Change Player Settings

To change the settings of a player, select Player Settings from Actions.

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You can pick a default file to play on your screen when no campaigns are scheduled.

EN 24.PNG (25.69 KiB) Viewed 1784 times

Click on the Default Media File field. If you have already uploaded the file to Media Files, the file should appear on your list. If the file isn’t on your system yet, first go to Management > Media and upload the file. Learn how to do so in the Management > Media topic.

Next, choose the file orientation depending on whether your screen is portrait or landscape. Click on Save.

:!: Choose Video Settings to enable Audio

For portrait and reverse portrait screens, it's important that you pick the right video setting to get the best results. This can be accessed from Management > Players > [select player] > Actions > Player Settings .

By default, your video settings will be on GSY Player, which enables the best video quality. Most digital signage is audio-free, making this the ideal setting.

If your video file does require audio, however, you can change the setting to Texture Video Player[/] to enable audio. Just save the setting and close the pop up.
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:!: Note: Landscape screens contain only one video setting that suits all video types, the Native Video Player. If your orientation is Landscape, this field is greyed out so no changes can be made.
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