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How it Works

Publisher (your in-built content creator)

It’s one thing when your solution allows you to schedule with immense ease, but what about making things pretty? If you’re a pro, it’s too easy. If you’re not, well, it’s still too easy with Entertain’s Publisher feature.

Check on my Players

You don’t have to be there to check on it. Our instant player report makes it possible for you to see how your players (screens) are doing. Get a snapshot of status, memory details and more, no matter where you are.

See Content Performance

Want to know how many times your media file has played on a screen? Entertain allows you to instantly generate a Proof of Play file for reviews, audits, and simply to let you know more about what’s impacting your audience. Not to mention, it’s too easy to download and use these reports to build your business intelligence data.

Play Now

Need to play a file on a screen instantly? Play Now is one of Entertain’s handy features that allows you to upload a file and play it at once. It overtakes anything else that may be playing on your screen and is your best friend to make attention grabbing emergency announcements, digitally.


Easier than too easy, tickers can be set up in seconds to run a recurring message on your screens. Watch how Entertain makes it possible, and jump on our website to know more.

Run Content

Watching your content go live on screen as scheduled is one of the big thrills of digital signage, but this needs to be quick and easy to be feasible for SMEs. With Entertain, we’ve made it too easy indeed! Watch how.


Watch how it’s too easy to set up your Entertain device. Entertain is Five Faces’ digital solution for small to medium enterprises who need a one-off, low-touch solution to get started with digital signage.


Unboxing the Entertain plug and play digital device to see what’s inside. Entertain is Five Faces’ digital solution for small to medium enterprises who need a one-off, low-touch solution to get started with digital signage.

Entertain for Your Industry

Woman looking at paper posters through real estate office window

More bang for your buck per square inch: Why real estate needs to forego paper and embrace digital signage

There’s not a sector that has gone economically untouched in the last few months, and real estate is the one we’ve all been keeping a rather twitchy eye on. It’s rarely been this tricky for property owners to hold on to property, for prospective buyers to make a commitment, for landlords to find reliable tenants, for tenants to decide if now is the right time… The only two things that still hold true for this sector are:

1.     Cost savings are important, like every other sector.

2.     There’s still a need to engage and attract.

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Healthcare communication in strange times:
Digital signage can help. A lot.

It’s an unprecedented landscape in healthcare today with pop up and fever clinics appearing overnight to tackle COVID-19, and while the commotion is higher, the principles remain the same.

Patients, staff, and visitors must be kept informed. There must be an efficient workflow. And stress must be managed.

I’d like to talk about how digital signage can assist in these situations.

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Digital Directories:
The money saver you never thought of

You’re at the right address, but where to from here? You need to find the right department on the right floor. You either take on the maze challenge at this point, or you look around for assistance. Arrow signs, an available receptionist, a nearby person who “looks like they must know”, or that old directory on the wall.

Most businesses put tremendous effort into the look and feel of their foyers, yet a directory that looks like a remodelled version of the yellow pages can meddle with this hard work.

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Give Staff Communications a Makeover
with Digital Displays

It’s interesting to consider the value and applicability of staff communications in the workplace at a time when the entire planet seems to be working from home.

As it stands, not all staff have the opportunity to isolate completely, and as infection control and social distancing have become critical practices almost overnight, it’s important that those working on premises (such as supermarkets or post offices) are kept mindful of these regulations.

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Digital Signage has a place in Aged Care Homes

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 emergency highlighted for all businesses, it is just how quickly communication priorities can change.

As aged care homes in Australia strive to meet and exceed quality standards, clear, effective communication is increasingly vital. One of the most capable ways to handle a range of this messaging-aimed at consumers, staff, and visitors-is the use of digital displays, and it’s cheaper than you think.

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Throw away the magazines: here’s how businesses can architect their wait experience

A poor wait experience can discourage people from revisiting the premises altogether.

The idea that time “flies by” when we are doing something is a well-placed one, as wait psychology tells us that occupied time feels
than unoccupied time.

Waiting on the premises of any business-be it a store, restaurant, clinic, or office lobby-typically means tattered magazines, awkward-looking bollards, or a TV going off soundlessly, undecipherably in the distance. Wait solutions are rarely engaging or relevant enough, and this is a tough challenge for businesses since a poor wait experience can discourage people from revisiting the premises altogether. Historically, there have been limited means to navigate this common issue-until digital signage.

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How Small to Medium Retailers Can Leverage Simple Digital Signage

A retailer can promote umbrellas when it’s raining outside or sunscreen when it’s sunny-being able to quickly tweak messages on the same template is an outstanding advantage of digital.

As much as online shopping once raised speculation about possibly dethroning the in-store experience, the physical store remains a staple. If anything, physical stores can now weave digital techniques into their strategy to enhance the customer experience and boost sales, alongside the “touch and feel” advantage they already possess.

It’s no longer too much hassle and cost for a small retail store to effectively implement digital signage, taking control of its communication and influencing purchase decisions. The full extent of why digital signage is a worthwhile consideration for retailers is worth looking into.

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Why Digital Signage can be Instrumental in the Success of Hospitality Businesses

Multitudes of new restaurants and cafes add their name each year to Australia’s already highly-competitive food service industry. And while taste or service may be perceived as the ultimate litmus test, customer communication is just as critical to an outlet’s business strategy.

Thankfully, the increasing accessibility of digital signage means that small to medium hospitality businesses now have the option of going dynamic and paper free, like their bigger, franchised counterparts. What was once a tedious, expensive task involving technical installations and content professionals-and therefore completely infeasible for small businesses-has now been simplified to a DIY model anyone can embrace.

So why should a hospitality business bother?

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